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2 Important Exercises for Suffers of TMJ

tmj windham nhTMJ is a jaw disorder that causes a lot of pain and popping in the jaw. At its best, TMJ is inconvenient. At its worst, it will make your life miserable, causing you a lot of pain and affecting your speech and eating habits. If you think you might be suffering from TMJ, it is important to contact a dentist for an official diagnosis. Dentists like Dr. Kalil will be able to help you understand the causes of your pain—and help you find a way to work through it. Here are a few exercises that your dentist might recommend. Each has its own effect, so consult with a professional to decide which is best for you..

First: a Warning

It is important to listen to your body. While these exercises will probably be a little uncomfortable, they should not be excessively painful. If you feel like the exercise is not helping or causing even more problems, talk to your dentist. Do not keep going. Just like with any exercise, this can cause more problems.

You will need an upright chair and a period of about five minutes when you are relaxed. Do these exercises twice a day.

1. Work That Tongue

Close your teeth, but do not clench them. Make sure they are straight up and down on top of each other. Place your tongue right at the back of your upper teeth, and slowly draw it back to the soft palate, keeping the mouth closed. Then, while keeping your tongue on the soft palate, slowly open your mouth. Once the tongue starts to pull away, stop and hold for about 5 seconds.

Make sure you don’t hear any clicking or popping. If you do, start over. This exercise is to retrain your muscles to open and close without noise or discomfort.

2. Open Wide

Open your mouth almost all the way, until you feel your cheeks stretching. Hold it open for 30 seconds, and then slowly close your mouth. Your lips should be touch, but your teeth should not. Do this 3-5 times every day, especially when you notice your teeth clenching together.

Dr. Kalil will be able to help you properly do these and other exercises to help treat your TMJ. Come on in to discuss and find out more!