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50 years of dental implants can’t be wrong

Smile restoration is a fairly new term, used to describe all the ways that your dentist can repair damaged teeth or replace missing teeth and restore or even improve your smile. One of the main tools we use for restoration procedures is the dental implant, and it’s actually been around, successfully giving people back their smiles and their confidence, for some 50 years.

Dental implants are a long-lasting treatment method for replacing one missing tooth or several, and for supporting dental bridges and dentures. In many cases, dental implants can correct extensive tooth loss, allowing people to avoid having bridges and dentures.

dental implants methuen maImplants can be used to restore missing teeth or those that are too badly damaged or decayed to repair with a filling or a crown. And dental implants could be the right choice for you.

We can review your specific needs and find out if one or more dental implants, or a combination of implants with other procedures, can give you back the smile you deserve. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment: in Windham, call: 603-434-0090; in Methuen, call: 978-688-1895. Here are some of the implant options we offer:

Single tooth

We insert one titanium post, followed by the attachment of a single crown. Together, these two procedures provide you with a natural tooth appearance and functionality.

Fixed bridge

This is the process used for replacing two to four missing teeth with dental implants. We insert two implants posts on each end of the area where teeth need to be replaced. We then attach a dental bridge designed to stretch across two, three or four missing teeth.

All on four

Considered the most extensive dental implant procedure, we insert four implant posts on either the top or bottom of your jawbone, and then attach a fixed denture that acts as your new set of teeth.


This procedure can be a solution if you’ve already lost most of your teeth. The process is similar to the “All on four” procedure, but involves two implants instead of four. Unlike other dental implants, your dentist can remove an over-denture if necessary.