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Adults Benefit from Invisalign

Invisalign Methuen, MAIt used to be that braces were something for the young. There was a window of time during which it felt “acceptable” to be seen with a metallic smile. Boy, isn’t it nice that those days are gone? In our Methuen and Windham offices, we routinely meet with adults who express an interest in straightening their teeth, all thanks to Invisalign.

The discreet aligner method of straightening crooked teeth has been winning fans year after year, giving adults who missed their opportunity for a straight smile a second chance. This opportunity presents a number of benefits.

Virtually Invisible “Braces”

Invisalign is not the same thing as braces. There are no brackets adhered to your teeth and no wire running through them. This is exactly why most people love the aligner method. Adults, especially, want to maintain their natural, unobstructed smile aesthetic, even as they go through treatment to make things better. Having invisible aligners means having the freedom to make important presentations at work without inhibited confidence. It means being able to engage socially without feeling “like a kid.”

Correct Adult-Onset Misalignment

There are a few reasons why adults may want to correct misalignment. One is that they never did. Maybe they never really needed to, but teeth have shifted somewhat since their youth. Dental injuries, tooth grinding, even gum disease are all factors that could lead to shifting. These same factors could result in what is referred to as orthodontic relapse, a condition in which teeth were straightened with braces but have since moved out of alignment.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, every person who seeks Invisalign treatment is seeking one thing: they want to feel better about their smile. Yes, straightening teeth that are crowded or overlapping or too far apart also improves oral health. Really, though, it is the matter of appearance that provides immediate satisfaction.  When our smile looks good, we feel good. It’s that simple.

Would you like to feel better about your smile? Contact us to find out if Invisalign is a treatment that can help you address your concerns. We look forward to speaking with you.