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Are you making these four (serious) mistakes with your dental care?

dental care methuen maMost adults are pretty darn sure they know how to brush their teeth – it’s not that difficult! But you may have some long-time brushing habits that make you think you’re doing all the right things for your dental care, when you’re not.

1.) Do you do other things while brushing your teeth?

Everybody’s busy, especially in the morning. So some people brush their teeth in the shower to save time. Or they scroll through their social media accounts while brushing. Your dentist may appreciate your strategic abilities to multi-task, but he would prefer that you brush over your sink and in front of a mirror. If you pay attention while you brush, you’re more likely to cover all the surfaces of your teeth, and do a more thorough job.

2.) Do you clean your toothbrush?

Lots or people think they’re smart to disinfect their toothbrushes, so they run them through the dishwasher or zap them in the microwave. But over cleaning can cause toothbrush damage, making it less effective at its job. So just give your brush a good rinse with tap water and let it air-dry, upright and not touching other brushes.

3.) Do you brush right after your final swig of orange juice in the morning?

Lots of us have orange juice with breakfast –because we all know we need to brush our teeth as soon after eating as possible. But brushing right after drinking orange or grapefruit juice can damage your tooth enamel. So wait about 30 minutes before your brush, or neutralize your mouth first by drinking milk or water.

4.) Do you use a toothbrush with stiff bristles?

You might think vigorously brushing your teeth with a stiff-bristled brush helps you do a better, more thorough job. But hard-bristled brushes can cause gum tissue damage and erode your enamel. Your dentist will recommend using a soft or extra-soft bristle toothbrush – and using it gently.

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