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Are Your Teeth Giving You Clues to Excessive Wear?

Dental Services Windham NH The outer layer of our teeth is solid enamel. This substance is ultra-durable, and it is ridged to enable us to break apart food efficiently. Over time, the ridges on enamel naturally decrease. The key term here is “over time.” What we are seeing more often in recent years is a rapid decline in the solidity of people’s enamel. This may be referred to as erosion or excessive wear. Here, we want to discuss the clues that your enamel may need some TLC from your dentist.

Your Teeth are Changing

One of the valuable aspects of routine dental care is that it enables us to monitor the overall health and structure of your teeth and gums. From one visit to the next, and even from one year to the next, we shouldn’t see noticeable changes to the condition of enamel. If the ridges in enamel flatten out noticeably in a short period of time, we want to explore if this is due to a highly acidic diet or bruxism (clenching and grinding teeth) or resultant from a bad bite.

One of Your Teeth has Chipped or Cracked

Biting down on an olive pit or kernel of popcorn can be damaging, no doubt. Cracks and chips are primarily related to worn enamel. If chips and cracks occur, we want to look closely at the general condition of enamel to ensure that your teeth are not wearing down faster than they should naturally.

Your Teeth Don’t Look Like Your Friends’ Teeth

One of the interesting details learned through research is that individuals in every age group can be expected to have similar dental health. For example, the younger generation is not expected to have a very high instance of tooth loss, whereas the senior population is. Barring the presence of cosmetic dental work, your teeth should look much like your friends’ teeth. If you are struggling with issues like chips and cracks, sensitivity, or dramatic discoloration not related to smoking, it could be because your enamel is wearing down more quickly than it should.

There are several ways to address excessive tooth wear. Discover what will help you sustain your best smile by scheduling a visit to our Methuen or Windham office.