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It’s Back to the Books! Here’s how to Care for Your Students’ Smiles!

Family DentistThere is something both exciting and slightly unsettling about the start of a new school year. Students and their parent have much more on their minds than taking care of teeth and gums. We know this, which is one reason we encourage families to come in for cleanings and exams during the summer months. Also, knowing how overwhelming a new school year can be, at least for a few weeks, we offer support in the form of tips and tricks for oral care.

  • Parents, regardless of your child’s age, you want to check in on their brushing habits from time to time. Even teens, in the hurry of a chaotic morning routine, can leave the house without brushing. Students don’t want to spend their day behind a wall of bad breath, nor would they be happy to need restorative dental treatment due to lack of consistent care. A reminder of the value of brushing and flossing can go a long way.
  • Take sports seriously. There is a difference between store-bought mouth guards and professionally-made pieces. Studies have shown that many boil-and-bite mouth guards inhibit free breathing, and athletes need to be able to breathe heavily during their events. Talk with your child’s dentist about a fitted mouth guard to prevent inconsistent wear, as well as oral injuries.
  • Get them gum. That’s right! Kids who chew xylitol gum are doing their teeth a favor. The act of chewing promotes saliva production, which keeps the moist mouth while also diluting sugar residue that can lead to tooth decay.
  • Pack the water bottle. If students can keep a water bottle nearby throughout the day, this should be an encouraged habit. Sipping on water inhibits dry mouth, bad breath, and the accumulation of unhealthy bacteria.
  • Schedule mid-year dental visits now. When dental care is scheduled ahead of time, there is less of a chance that these appointments may be forgotten. Twice-a-year visits are crucial to prevention.

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