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A Closer Look at Dental Implants Cost

Dental Implants Methuen MADental care is always an investment. It’s not one that sits in your driveway to be admired by the neighbors, but it is an investment in your long-term health and wellness. Sometimes, the dental care that is needed goes beyond the exams and cleanings that keep your smile shining. Sometimes, it is necessary to replace a tooth that has failed or been irreparably damaged. When faced with the prospect of tooth replacement, cost is often the first thing that patients look at. Because we realize this, we want to focus on the cost of dental implants and what you get from this treatment.

A Lifetime of Use and Beauty

Tooth replacement isn’t about putting structure back where it has been lost. In the big picture, the purpose of replacing missing teeth is to restore normal function and appearance for as long as possible. Dental implants are small posts made of surgical-grade titanium that can sit firmly in the jawbone for decades. Most of the restorations that are used in dentistry don’t last beyond 15 years. Looking at the up-front cost of dental implants, then, appears much more affordable when viewed through the lens of longevity.

Comparing the Alternatives

The alternatives to dental implants are a dental bridge or full denture. Both of these options appear to be more affordable than dental implants because they cost less when installed. However, neither comes close to the 50-year lifespan that a dental implant can offer. One study concluded that a patient would pay 10% more over his lifetime to maintain a dental bridge than it would cost to install dental implants.

It’s All About Quality of Life, Anyway

As we mentioned, the big picture in tooth replacement is getting back the appearance and functionality that you once had. A denture that rubs against your gums and slides around in your mouth while you eat and speak doesn’t meet your need for functionality. The bone loss that naturally occurs beneath dentures doesn’t support long-term appearance. Dental implants do both because they are secured in the jawbone just like natural teeth would be.

Talk with your dentist about dental implants and what they can do for you. Call our Methuen or Windham office for your appointment.

Protect Your Bright Smile with These Tips

Restorative Dentistry Methuen MAMost people recognize the value of a healthy smile. When our teeth and gums are healthy, we get to enjoy fresher breath and infrequent pain, if any at all. In addition to keeping the smile healthy, a large number of adults are also interested in maintaining natural beauty. As you may know, this takes work. Just like we need to care for our skin to postpone the signs of aging, we’ve got to give our teeth regular attention to avoid frustrations like discoloration. Here, we suggest a few ways to preserve the radiance of your smile.

  • Eat with care. You may be acutely aware that your morning cup of java is depositing particles on your teeth that will eventually dull your smile. Does that mean you should end your love-affair with coffee? We wouldn’t dream of suggesting that. The fact is discoloration occurs as a result of many foods and beverages. The trick is to mitigate their effects. The way to do it? Rinse! After consuming a food or drink, swish some water through your mouth. Brushing too soon can do more harm than good because enamel is softer after a meal.
  • Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is not a trend; it is a way of life that can improve every aspect of living, even your oral health. You know you should brush and floss every day. Are you paying attention when you perform this task? Are you staying with it for two minutes? Are there days you forget to give your teeth some love? Mindfulness is what you need. In addition to brushing and flossing, mindful oral care can include occasional home whitening to keep your baseline intact.
  • Create that baseline. By the time discoloration is noticed, it usually needs professional help. Kalil Dental Associates is happy to help you create the baseline of radiance you want for your smile. We offer in-office treatment, home whitening, and a combination of the two. Professional teeth whitening is beneficial because it is safe and fully customizable to your personal preferences.

Get the radiant smile you deserve. Contact us in Windham or Methuen for professional teeth whitening that is tailored to your needs.

Dental Sealants Protect Precious Smiles

General Dentistry Windham NHMany children imagine what it would be like to have a Superpower. In fact, all children have a sort of superpower than adults have forgotten: their smile. According to statistics, children smile ten times more than adults; about 400 times a day. That’s a pretty fantastic fete! Because we want to support children in their magical ability to smile at just about anything or for any reason, we encourage parents to consider the value of dental sealants.

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealant treatment is a preventive measure against tooth decay. This painless process places a barrier between natural enamel and the debris and bacteria that could break it down. A child’s back teeth have deep grooves that help break food down into tiny pieces. Actually, adults also have these deep grooves in molars. Though necessary, these pits can also hold tiny particles of food. Ultimately, trapped food results in decay and the need for a dental filling or more substantial restoration.

Placing dental sealants into the deep grooves and fissures of premolars and molars creates a layer of protection. The liquid sealant seeps into grooves so debris cannot get trapped. According to studies, a child who receives dental sealants is 80 percent less likely to develop cavities on these chewing surfaces than an untreated patient.

Treatment is Quick and Simple

We understand that it can be unsettling to hand your child off to a dentist for any treatment. Children and their parents understandably want to avoid painful situations. Dental sealants can facilitate this desire. There is no discomfort in getting dental sealants. The process involves simple steps:

  • Teeth are cleaned and polished during a routine visit.
  • Teeth that will be sealed are dried and isolated so liquid sealant does not go where it doesn’t belong.
  • Enamel is slightly etched, or roughed, to promote a strong bond with liquid sealant.
  • The liquid is painted on each tooth individually, layering as necessary to protect deep pits.
  • Light is used to transform the liquid into a solid that adheres to the tooth for up to 5 years.
  • Teeth are evaluated to ensure adequate coverage.

Dental sealants are appropriate for most children who have begun to develop permanent teeth, which usually occurs around age 6 or 7. Teeth may be retreated every few years as needed to maintain the barrier against decay.

Our Methuen and Windham offices provide friendly, professional care with a smile. Contact an office near you to schedule your visit.

Wisdom Teeth: Not Something Your Child Should Pack for College

Family Dentistry Methuen MAThis time of year is exciting for many reasons. We’re on the cusp of summer vacation, which in itself is something to cheer about. This is also a massive time of change for many families. Teens that are graduating from high school have some big adventures ahead whether they are moving far from home to attend college or they are planning to begin their college-years close to home. In either situation, one of the primary matters on parents’ minds is how to help their child succeed. We have a suggestion that may come as a surprise: schedule wisdom teeth removal.

Sooner is Better than Later

The end of high-school can seem to be on your doorstep not long after those first weeks of 9th grade. These years of a teen’s life can go by in such a flash that there is hardly time to keep up with daily activities and tests and performances and friends, let alone to think about something as trivial as wisdom teeth! If you’ve found your teen’s high school years a blur, don’t worry, you still have time to set them up for their best college experience by handling the oral health matters that may otherwise sideline them temporarily.

Wisdom teeth are those third molars that don’t always grow in the way we’d expect teeth to. It is recommended that young adults have their wisdom teeth removed by age 25, if not long before then. We begin to monitor the growth of wisdom teeth in early adolescence so we can intervene as soon as necessary to prevent complications that could cause symptoms such as:

  • Tooth and jaw pain
  • Damage to surrounding teeth
  • Shifts in tooth alignment
  • Headaches
  • Earaches
  • Sinus pain

Wisdom teeth can become symptomatic when they become trapped beneath the gums. They can also cause uncomfortable symptoms if they only partially grow in. Partially erupted wisdom teeth are also a haven for food particles and bacteria that cause gum irritation and cavities.

The issues that originate with wisdom teeth are not something that a new college student needs on their plate. We can help your child avoid the unnecessary stress of dental pain by providing professional care now. Call our Methuen or Windham office for friendly care from our experienced team.

Stress Management for Kids Has More Perks than You May Think

Family Dentistry Methuen MA Children and stress are two things we don’t usually put together; at least not typically. More parents are gaining awareness about the prevalence of stress among young people, though. This awareness is allowing parents, caregivers, and even teachers and healthcare providers to better protect kids of all ages from the damaging effects of unmanaged stress.

Just like adults, children are affected by what goes on around them. When stressors go unchecked, internal tension accumulates. Like adults, who may experience chronic fatigue, headaches, and other symptoms of stress, children also tend to show signs that they are carrying too much emotional burden. The reaction that occurs to stress in a child or teen could lead to other concerns, including concerns about oral health.

Stress and Oral Health

Children may react to pressure in different ways than adults (and sometimes in the very same ways):

  • A typical stress response is to consume “comfort foods.” Usually, these are starchy or sugary foods and beverages that increase the risk of cavities and other dental problems.
  • When stress continues, the body’s chemistry changes. One of the functions affected by chemical changes is saliva production. Without the right composition, saliva cannot dilute acid and sugar well, putting the teeth and gums at risk.
  • Children (and adults) who are under excessive amounts of stress may absentmindedly chew or bite on hard objects. They may also begin to clench their jaw or grind their teeth. These habits could cause chips and fractures.

Looking for Signs

Children themselves are relatively limited when it comes to communicating their feelings and tension with words. As parents and caregivers, it is up to us to look for clues in behaviors. This is just as relevant to those who have teens in their life as it is to parents of young children. Stress in children may manifest in a variety of ways, from behavioral difficulties and emotional outbursts to frequent complaints of stomachaches, head pain, or other physical ailments.

How to Protect Children from the Effects of Stress

We cannot create a wall around the children we love that will keep them from all stressors. We wouldn’t be doing them any favors if we could. Stress can help us grow and develop the ability to cope with the fact that life can sometimes be hard. While children need to learn these lessons, they can do so under a protective umbrella that allows them to share their feelings in a healthy way, such as talking or writing in a journal. Children can be offered healthy food choices and encouragement to avoid turning to food as a way to cope with stress. Finally, oral health can be preserved when children are brought to a dental office that offers friendly, compassionate care.

We enjoy serving families in the Methuen and Windham areas. Call an office near you to schedule your visit.

How to Help the Man in Your Life Avoid Dental Disease

Family Dentistry Methuen MA The more we have become familiar with the body, the more we understand that men and women have unique needs and risks. For example, research suggests that men are more susceptible to health conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease. They may also experience more dental problems than women, though this is more so because men don’t seem to be as in touch with their oral health needs.

The men in our lives may need a little encouragement to keep them in the best possible health. Because we know that oral health and general health are intertwined, we can recognize specific ways to care for the body through the mouth. These include:

  • Committing to daily oral care. The American Academy of Periodontology and the American Dental Association have both released statistics that indicate men are less likely than women to brush twice a day. They also tend not to floss regularly. Committing to morning and nighttime brushing and flossing before bed is a challenge that offers enormous rewards.
  • Seeking preventive care. The common trend among men is to seek dental care when something hurts. It’s easy to forget about our teeth when we feel fine. However, the Academy of General Dentistry has reported that 34% of 30- to 54-year-old men develop periodontal disease (as opposed to 23% of women). Men need two checkups and cleanings each year and may even require additional cleanings if gum disease has developed. Staying in a routine of preventive care prevents a man from needing extensive treatment. It also decreases his risk of tooth loss.
  • Protecting his teeth. Many men engage in sports as a way to stay physically and socially active. Sports provide excellent health benefits for men of all ages, and also presents a bit of risk to teeth. Men who play sports such as baseball are encouraged to wear a mouth guard. The guards that are available today are far less bulky and intrusive than those available just a decade ago.

Many of the oral health problems that can cause pain and tooth loss can be prevented. With early detection and treatment, most conditions can be quickly repaired. With routine checkups and cleanings, we may be able to avoid the need for repair altogether.

We’re here to help you enjoy lifelong oral health. Call our Methuen or Windham office for personal dental care.

Teens and Teeth: A Risk You Need to Know

dental services Methuen MAWhen it comes to guidance with oral hygiene, the teenage years might be likened to a desert island. During early childhood, parents spend so much time teaching their children how to brush and floss that they trust their efforts will be fruitful in the long term. Often, teens need continual support to stay motivated to care for their teeth as well as is needed. In addition to possibly dropping the ball on brushing and flossing, teens face another risk to their long-term oral health. According to studies, the fast-paced lifestyle that most teens lead is putting them at risk of decay, gum disease, and poor bone health.

According to one report published in the journal of the Academy of General Dentistry, teens are even at risk of enamel and tooth damage that cannot be reversed. The loss of enamel is referred to as erosion. Just like a hillside can erode due to strong winds and rain, the outer material that is intended to protect teeth erodes when we consume certain types of foods and beverages – the foods and drinks that are especially appetizing to teenagers. You know, those sugary sodas and high-carb French fries that are cornerstones to weekly meals!

Research has pointed to the danger of acidic ingredients such as those found in most carbonated beverages; things like carbonic acid, tartaric acid, citric and phosphoric acid. The breakdown of enamel around restorations like dental crowns, ceramic or composite fillings, and even dental sealants is attributed to acidity. Furthermore, studies have also linked the consumption of phosphoric acid to poor calcium absorption.

Calcium and Teens

There is a common misconception that calcium becomes more vital as we age (and primarily as women age). However, studies indicate that bone development is at its peak between the ages of 9 and 18 years-old. During this time in life, adolescents need 1300 mg of calcium a day. When acidity is inhibiting calcium absorption, the benefits of supplementation dwindle, creating unnecessary risk. For example, one body of research has confirmed a correlation between bone fractures in teenage girls and their consumption of soft drinks.

Because nearly 100 percent of the calcium in the body is stored in teeth and bones, and because the teen years are a crucial time for bone development, it is essential that teens consume calcium-rich foods like yogurt, cheese, and milk. Leafy greens are also an excellent source of calcium. If necessary, a daily supplement may also be taken to offset the calcium depletion that coincides with the standard teenage diet.

We are interested in helping your family avoid unnecessary dental risks. To schedule care that counts, contact our Windham or Methuen office.

Do You Like the Idea of Minimally Invasive Dentistry? We Do, Too!

Laser DentistryJust a few decades ago, dentistry was not very good at presenting itself as minimally invasive. In fact, the very term “minimally invasive” has developed over the past few years as a direct result of innovative technology in medicine and dentistry. We are so pleased to work in our field in this day and age because advances in dental instruments, materials, and techniques help us provide the highest standard of care to our patients.

What makes dentistry “minimally invasive?”

There are a few key elements that make dentistry minimally invasive. These include:

  • A focus on disease prevention first, and restorative treatment, second.
  • A belief that natural tooth structure has more value than artificial restorations.
  • The commitment to preserve natural tooth structure as much as possible.
  • The use of conservative treatment techniques as often as possible.

Steps Toward Prevention

Most of the dental problems that require treatment are preventable. This is an important detail to know because it is the detail that empowers every person to avoid painful problems. How we prevent problems like cavities and gum disease is simple and straightforward:

  • Brush for two minutes, every morning and night.
  • Floss every night.
  • Obtain professional cleanings twice a year.
  • Obtain preventive treatments like topical fluoride or dental sealants as needed to remineralize and protect susceptible teeth.

Steps to Preservation

If restorative care is needed, the focus is placed on keeping organic tooth material as intact as possible. One example of how dentistry has become minimally invasive regarding restorations is the widespread use of composite fillings in place of amalgams. Amalgam fillings have historically been referred to as silver fillings. Because amalgam does not bond to enamel, this type of filling requires more extensive alteration of tooth structure. A “lip” needs to be made in the tooth to hold the cured amalgam is filling in place. The minimally invasive alternative is to bond composite filling material to the tooth.

Another example of minimally invasive dentistry is the use of laser devices to gently treat soft and hard tissues. For example, lasers are often used to remove damaged tooth material in preparation for a composite filling. Because laser light vaporizes tissue, there is no need for drilling and the resulting heat and vibration from the standard dental drill.

We are pleased to offer minimally invasive dental care to patients from Methuen, MA, and Windham, NH. Contact an office near you to schedule your visit.

Is there a Special Occasion in Your Future? These Dental Treatments Can Get You Ready!

Dental Services Windham NHSpringtime marks the advent of Wedding Season. Early in the summer months, there may also be graduation ceremonies and parties to celebrate the graduates. Even if your summer includes a nice, relaxing vacation or weekly backyard barbeques, you want to feel good about your appearance as you make these public appearances. Here, we want to suggest a few quick and simple dental treatments that can have you ready for any special occasion at a moment’s notice.

Radiate from the Inside Out

Your smile radiates your inner vibrancy and personality – except when your teeth are dull and stained. When a special occasion is on the horizon, one of the things that people want most is to have a smile that shines. Teeth whitening can make sure this happens, and the beauty of teeth whitening is that it doesn’t matter which technique you choose. Our patients have options for in-office treatment, home treatment with custom-fit trays, and also combination treatment that begins with an in-office treatment and moves on to a few weeks of home whitening to lift deep stains. Professional teeth whitening can revive your smile within as little as two hours, or up to a few weeks. Plan now, and you can have the radiant smile you want well before summer.

Put Your Best Smile Forward

Problems like chips, cracks, and gaps can be very mild, or they can be severe. The degree of severity of such issues dictates how the smile can be renewed. Preference for natural appeal and longevity also need to be considered. An example of minor dental treatment for a small chip in a front tooth is dental bonding. The benefit of bonding is that this technique takes very little time to produce the desired result. During an office visit, minor etching is performed, and a tooth-colored resin material is applied to the tooth. Light hardens the material, and the tooth is beautifully made over.

More extensive cosmetic damage and discoloration may be treated with porcelain veneers. Like bonding, veneers disguise the underlying damage. This cosmetic technique provides years of beauty in just two visits to the dental office, making porcelain veneers an excellent treatment option even when a special occasion is short.

The teams in our Windham, NH, and Methuen, MA offices provide friendly care that achieves optimal results. Schedule a visit with us now to show up in your best smile all summer long.

Is Tea the Coffee-Alternative for Better Health?

Family Dentistry Methuen MAFor the millions of coffee-lovers that are out there, we salute you. Anyone who has ever established a healthy coffee-drinking habit can attest to the dissatisfaction that coincides with trying to cut back. In recent years, we have heard a lot about the benefits of green tea, and yet the coffee drinker needs a better alternative if they’re serious about making a switch to a beverage with lower acidity and greater health benefits. Here, we want to point out what recent research is saying about high-quality teas, and how the coffee-lover might make some beneficial changes.

What High-Quality Tea can do for Your Oral Health

The magic ingredient in a high-quality tea like most green teas is catechin content. The catechins in tea have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that are beneficial to gum health. Black teas have been noted to prevent the buildup of plaque on teeth, and white tea varieties have been praised for being less likely to stain teeth. There are numerous varieties of teas, and that’s not even counting the many herbal teas that are popular today. Most of them, when compared to coffee, are less acidic. Because the mouth is already naturally acidic, routine consumption of beverages that are also acidic can spell trouble.

Tea Offers Multiple Benefits

Tea is a popular beverage because it can provide benefits like soothing a sore throat and soothing an upset tummy. A nice, steamy cup of tea with lemon and honey can also soothe the nerves after a long day. According to research, teas are also protective of the liver and brain because they fight oxidation. Studies also suggest that choosing tea over other beverages provides advantageous effects against high blood pressure, heart disease, dementia, and even cancer.

Cutting down or cutting out a coffee can take time and patience. Many who have made the transition report that they began to notice they felt calmer within just a few days of putting their coffee on the shelf. For the die-hard coffee lover who is hesitant to give up the flavor they have come to love, Teecino or dandelion tea may be an ideal alternative. For many people, though, a switch to a rich, spicy, or even fruity herbal tea is much easier than they imagined.

Must you give up coffee to have a healthy mouth? No. We’re here to help you preserve your teeth and gums with personal dental care centered around your needs. For scheduling assistance, call our Windham or Methuen office today.