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Is a Busy Lifestyle Keeping you from your Healthiest Smile?

Healthiest SmileDo you find yourself saying things like “I will have to do this another day,” or “This can wait.?” You’re not alone if you do. This are sentiments that the majority of us express – often on a daily basis. It is interesting that our overall quality of life seems to have improved in the last century, but along with all the great technologies that make life easier, we have become increasingly busy. This state of busyness may be causing problems that are keeping you from your healthiest smile.

Is dental care on the back-burner due to a busy schedule? Here’s why it shouldn’t be:

  • Your teeth make your smile. Of course it is your teeth that you look at when you smile into the mirror, and it is other people’s teeth that you tend to notice when they greet you with a smile. Teeth make your smile what it is, and there’s more . . . Teeth hold up your facial features. Have you seen someone without teeth? Then you know without a doubt that these little fixtures don’t just fill in your smile, they fill out your lips and cheeks.
  • Good health starts with good teeth. Teeth are functional. They help you chew. This is something that can easily be taken for granted. If teeth are in poor condition and they hurt, chewing is not something you really want to do. You may chew only on one side of your mouth, or you may eat a limited range of foods; those that are easy to chew. In the one situation, you put your jaw at risk for dysfunction. In the other, you are at risk for poor digestion and nutrition.
  • A good job starts with good teeth. Wait. What? Actually, this is not a far-fetched statement. Studies have indicated that employers tend to lean toward hiring a person with an attractive smile, even amongst equally qualified candidates. For that matter, studies also indicate that having nice teeth is an advantage in dating, as well.

We are here to help you make sure your teeth function properly throughout your lifetime. Schedule your checkup and cleaning in our Methuen or Windham office today.