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Constant Struggle with Tooth Decay? This could be Why!

damaged teethWhen brushing and flossing are a part of your normal routine, you expect to get good results from your efforts. If you also watch what you eat and see your dentist every six months, you may feel more than a little frustrated if you continually struggle to keep tooth decay at bay. If cavities have been an ongoing problem for you, this could be why.

Getting in the Groove

Molars, and even premolars, have a more expansive chewing surface. It isn’t only this fact that creates more space for oral bacteria, it is the grooves that are inherent to these teeth. For some people, the natural valleys across the chewing surface of back teeth are deep enough to trap bacteria and food debris. If you notice that you tend to get cavities in molars and premolars, speak with your dentist about the benefits of dental sealants. This easy preventive treatment decreases the susceptibility to tooth decay for up to 5 years.

The Space Between

When we think about the spaces in between each tooth, what may come to mind is the need to floss. Yes, there’s that. But also, the extent of space between teeth, or the lack of it, can make oral hygiene quite the challenge. Teeth should not overlap. When they do, they trap bacteria and debris in the same way deep grooves do this. There are two ways to protect the space between: floss every night before bed, and consider orthodontic treatment to correct crowding and overlapping.

It’s a Desert in There!

Your mouth is its own ecosystem. It is one that, in the ideal circumstances, would remain moist. There are several reasons why you may find that your mouth becomes as dry as the Sahara Desert. One reason for dry mouth is the use of certain medications. Another is a health condition like diabetes. Alas, the lack of saliva could boil down to not drinking enough water. Whatever the reason, dry mouth leaves you prone to cavities. In addition to chewing sugarless gum and sipping water, you can speak to your dentist about ways to support your oral health.

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