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Cosmetic Dentistry: it’s not just about how you look!

cosmetic dentistryWe all have a mental image of ourselves. This is based on our perception of our abilities, accomplishments, character traits, and our appearance. As you may well know, your self-image is directly linked to every aspect of your life. When that image is positive, your personal and professional success is greater, and you have a general sense of contentment. In turn, the way that you interact with others is better, and the positivity continues to circle around.

Appearance and Self-image
Your immediate sense may be that it is vain to tie your self-image up into your appearance. Clearly, there are other valuable traits that are more important, such as your sincerity and work ethic. However, the society we live in does, in fact, place a great deal of value on appearance; and because we live in this society, we are bound to follow at least a bit of this common trend.

Every time you look at yourself in the mirror, or catch sight of yourself in a photo someone has posted on social media, your psyche is responding. How it responds is natural and pretty much beyond your control. What you can control is how you look. You can dress in a way that complements your style and your body. You can also make your smile stand out as the wonderful asset that it is. To do so, you may need a wee bit of help from your dentist.

The dentists at Kalil Dental Associates have gone beyond their basic dental training to obtain the necessary skills our patients rely on to achieve beautiful smiles. Here are some of the changes that can be made to enhance your smile aesthetic:

  • Tooth color. We all experience discoloration at some point because the pores in enamel gradually become “clogged” with tiny particles deposited by foods and beverages. Stains can make you look older and less friendly. With professional whitening, you can take the color of your teeth beyond what Mother Nature gave you!
  • Size and shape. Some people have teeth that look too short. This problem can make an adult look less sophisticated and grown-up. Teeth that are quite large, or that are not in proportion to surrounding teeth or to the lips, can also create cosmetic concerns. For such issues, porcelain veneers may be an appropriate treatment.
  • Alignment. The straightness of teeth is one of the first attributes that we notice about others’ smiles, and our own. Thanks to Invisalign, teens and adults of all ages are finding it easier to correct mild to moderate misalignment in a comfortable, discreet way.

From stains to cracks to missing teeth, we provide the level of service you need to restore full value to your smile.