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Dental Bridges: a Way to Wake Up from the Nightmare

dental bidges methuen maMany people have recurring nightmares about loosing teeth. One common variant is that your teeth all suddenly fall out at once, filling your mouth with unattached, oversized teeth that you must spit out. But the teeth keep coming and coming.

Obviously, this is just a nightmare, but losing a tooth as an adult is actually a nightmare coming to life. It’s not the exciting rite of passage it was in elementary school. Now it means a terrifying hole in your mouth, an ugly smile, uncomfortable chewing, and more. A lost adult tooth is more than aesthetic. It can actually be a health concern. Even if the gap is in the back and not very noticeable, a missing tooth can cause your other teeth to drift apart, leaving you with crooked and misaligned teeth. So what can you do to replace that one tooth?

Here’s Where Bridges Come In

If you’ve lost a tooth, or you have a tooth that is too badly damaged to be fixed with a filling or crown, dental bridges might be your smile saver. Essentially, a bridge builds a bridge to fill the gap left by missing teeth. It is ideal if you are only missing 1-3 teeth. Any more, and you will need a partial denture instead.

The bridge is constructed out of dental crowns. Let’s say you are missing two teeth, and along with your dentist, you have decided that a bridge is the best way to fix your smile. The bridge will look like 4 teeth. The two in the middle will be prosthetics, and these are called “pontics.” They are the teeth that actually fill the gap in your mouth. The two teeth on the edges are traditional crowns that fit over your existing teeth on either side of the gap. These act as anchors to keep the bridge in place.

Placing a bridge does require some preparation and fitting and will therefore require two visits to your dentist. There are also a couple of variations that might fit your individual situation better. No matter what option you go for, however, dental bridges can be a superhero for your mouth.