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Dental crowns are a versatile solution in today’s dental practice

Dental Crowns | Windham, NH

Methuen, MA patients who are seeking quality dental care are urged to work with a dental team that has years of combined experience in providing comprehensive solutions. Drs. Donna Kalil, Kenneth Kalil, and Jordan Thomas are professionals who are located in the area and offer treatment options, including that of dental crowns.

What is a dental crown?

Our dentists describe dental crowns as ceramic “caps” that are often used over a natural tooth to add an extra layer of strength and protection. These restorations are bonded into place over the tooth after it has been prepared with the removal of natural tooth enamel. In addition, dental crowns may also be placed over teeth that have become weakened by root canal therapy or over dental implants which are placed after tooth loss has occurred. Our professionals encourage patients to ask about this and other restorations used in our practice that can enhance the smile and improve its functionality.

What is involved in obtaining a dental crown?

Once patients have decided that a dental crown is best for their smile, they undergo preparations of the tooth. The dentist removes a large portion of the natural tooth enamel and then takes impressions which are used by a dental ceramist to fabricate a custom fitted restoration for the patient. Within a week or two, the final restoration arrives at the dental office, and patients return to have the dental crown bonded into place. Dental crowns are long-lasting solutions that will often remain for a decade or longer with proper care and attention.

Kalil Dental Associates are proud to offer dental crowns

Our dentists of Methuen, MA and Windham, NH are dentists who are excited to have a wide variety of offerings for patients in and around the community. If you are interested in learning more about dental crowns and other restorative dentistry treatments available in their office, they encourage you to take the time to discuss the advantages of this and other solutions during a consultation visit. Call the Methuen, MA practice at (978) 688-1895 and visit personally at 91 Jackson Street.