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Dental Implants Help You Solve Issues Without the Hassle of Dentures!

dental implants methuen maThere are a number of ways to replace a missing or damaged tooth, but finding the best one for your personal situation is often a challenging task. However, the experts believe that dental implants are usually the better option when compared to other procedures. Dental implants don’t damage your gums and bone, and they are extremely easy to maintain, especially compared to dentures.

People who have dentures know that dentures are high maintenance. They must soak their false teeth in a solution overnight, which is a hassle—especially when traveling. Moreover, if you don’t place them exactly so, your tooth may clog between the dentures, which in turn damages your gums. After regular use of dentures, people often develop speech problems!

To avoid all these issues and still get the benefits of dentures, most dentists recommend dental implants. Dental implants are the next best thing to natural teeth. They are strong and stable and function like a natural tooth. They are a long-term solution which will help you retain your natural smile. Best of all, your dental implants protect the still-healthy bones, never cause speech problems, and keep cavities at bay.

To get the best results, talk to an experienced and certified dental surgeon today, like those here at Kalil Dental Associates. We will talk you through your personal options and help you make the right decision for you.

For example, we understand that the success of your dental implants depends heavily on osseo integration, which involves developing a stable connection between the jawbone and a titanium implant. Because of this, we take dental implant procedures seriously and start by performing a full oral exam. Once it’s confirmed that you’re a good candidate for dental implants, we proceed by removing a tooth root and opening the gum to access the jawbone. Our experts use sterilized equipment to drill a tiny hole in your jawbone and fit the titanium implant. After 3-6 months, we add a small metal post and secure the prosthetic teeth to the implant. This prevents slipping and wiggling, common problems with dentures.

Make the right decision and come to Kalil Dental in Windham, NH or Methuen, MA for your new dental implants.