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When Fables Become Fallacies

Dental Implant Methuen MA | Windham NHThere are several benefits to telling stories. Children love them, and those that get passed from one generation to the next have historical value for a family or culture. For the most part, stories bring joy to those who tell them and those who hear them. Then there are the fables that we tell ourselves, the ones that can hurt us, but that often turn into false beliefs that guide certain decisions. These fallacies can even extend into dentistry, ultimately affecting treatment options that you allow yourself to consider. Here, we reveal some of the common fallacies patients believe about dental implants.

I am not deserving of such treatment

If you were to say you don’t deserve to get dental implants, would you also say you didn’t deserve that natural tooth or teeth that were lost? When we put this spin on it, you can see where the lie is. We all deserve teeth that function well. We were given teeth very early in life, and even got a second set to give us a lifetime of speech, chewing, and an attractive appearance. Mother Nature did not qualify the doling out of teeth, and neither do we. If you are in good health and you need tooth replacement, there is no “deserving” about it.

I’m too old for this treatment

If you are 45 or you are 85, and you are in good health, and like to eat a variety of foods, and like to smile, you are not too old for dental implants. Yes, there are alternatives. Dentures or Bridges are still commonly used. However, the consequences of having no roots beneath teeth can be significant at any age.

I don’t need that tooth replaced

A certain number of teeth grow into the mouth for a reason. We have teeth for a reason. There is no loss that is free of consequences, even if it’s just one tooth; one small gap. First, the space will be visible. Second, the teeth that are left have to do more work to chew. This can mean susceptibility to damage like chips or cracks.

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