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Family Dentist Benefits

Family Dentistry Methuen MA | Windham NHPicking one dentist for the majority of your care makes it simple for everyone in your family to get their teeth examined, cleaned, and treated on a regular basis. Dealing with a single dental practice makes payment, and insurance claim handling simpler. Having all your family’s dental records in one place ensures better continuity and care. You can even set aside a “tooth day” for several family members to get a cleaning in a single trip. In addition, you get to build a relationship with your dentist, dental hygienist, and other staff members over time. This makes everyone in your family feel more comfortable since they are receiving care from professionals they know and trust.

Family Dentist Services:

It’s easier to spot emerging oral health problems when the same family dentistry practitioner sees you, and your kids on a regular basis. Early detection and treatment that is based on full and accurate records offer the best chances for a successful outcome. Your family dentist is also a great point of contact for coordinating care if you or your kids need to see a specialist for more complex procedures. Some of the most common services, treatments, and procedures performed at Kalil Dental Associates include:

  • Oral Health Examination
  • Gum Disease Intervention
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Simple Extractions
  • Fillings & Crowns
  • Tooth Whitening

Oral Health Examination 

Involves a visual examination of the teeth, gums, and jaw to check for signs of decay, disease, bite misalignment, crooked, or poorly spaced teeth, and other abnormalities. X-rays, TMJ, and oral cancer screenings fall into this category. Having a medical professional examine your teeth every 6 months is key to maintaining your oral health. When you have good dental health, it leads to good health for other parts of your body as well.

Digital X-Rays

Family Dentistry Methuen MA | Windham NHDigital Radiographs are pictures of the teeth, bone and soft tissue. The pictures provide important information that helps us assess your oral health. Digital radiography, more commonly known as digital x-rays, has allowed our team to have access to a high diagnostic tool with minimal radiation. We continually update the systems to utilize the best, low radiation sensors available today. Radiographs are vital in diagnosing diseases that are not visible to the naked eye. Such as periodontal disease in the form of bone degeneration or carious lesions between the teeth. They can even help diagnose endodontic abscesses at the apex of the teeth roots or impacted 3rd molars and wisdom teeth.

 Overview of Digital X-rays

  • Utilizes a digital x-ray sensor that connects to the computer to generate an immediate image of the teeth and bone.
  • The intraoral digital X-ray utilizes the sensor that is placed in the mouth to focus on a specific region.
  • An extraoral digital x-ray, the machine is a panorex and takes images outside the mouth.
  • Digital radiography can reduce radiation by as much as 90 percent compared to conventional radiography.
  • The image taken can be enhanced and enlarged many times, making it easier for the clinician to identify any diseases. Brightness, contrast, and color may also be adjusted, providing a clinician with more diagnostic tools.
  • Computer software is available to help clinicians compare previous radiographs easily.
  • In certain cases, your dentist may email digital radiographs to a specialist for immediate review.

Prophylactic Cleaning

This is a basic preventive treatment that includes removing minor plaque and tartar buildup to reduce the risk of gingivitis and cavities. It leaves teeth feeling fresh and clean. Getting a preventive cleaning every six months is ideal for most children and adults. Most people think of this as their typical dental cleaning.

Gum Disease Intervention

Treatments for moderate gingivitis and early stages of periodontitis involve scaling teeth. This procedure involves removing tartar below the gum line where it builds up and causes gum irritation. It may also involve root planning (smoothing the tooth root so bacteria and plaque can’t build up as easily).

Fluoride Treatment

We recommend these preventative treatments for adults and children to limit tooth decay. The fluoride mineral is necessary for healthy teeth. This is why many dentists recommend a tooth paste that contains it. Your dentist applies fluoride varnish topically at each fluoride visit. It is an easy and quick way to protect your teeth in between dental visits.

Dental Sealants Family Dentistry Methuen MA | Windham NH

Sealants are a preventative treatment that protects teeth against decay. The procedure works by coating the chewing surfaces of your back teeth with a strong resin or a glass ionomer seal. As a result, this prevents food and plaque from collecting in the bumps and crevices where toothbrush bristles cannot reach. Because of their higher risk of tooth decay, children and teens often get dental sealants, but this treatment can also be beneficial for adults as part of a regular dental regimen. Since sealants are relatively inexpensive and last several years, reapplication is common during regular dental visits.

Simple Extractions

Extractions range from pulling baby molars that have splintered to removing decayed or damaged adult teeth. This procedure is easiest to do before children reach their late teens. A family dentist can also perform simple wisdom tooth extractions. With wisdom teeth the issue can be not having enough room in the gum line to support the tooth. If a wisdom tooth doesn’t have room to grow it could lead to pain and even infection.

Fillings & Crowns

These basic tooth restoration procedures fill in areas of tooth decay or damage. You can get metal amalgam and composite fillings as well as metal and ceramic crowns from a family dentist. Fillings are appropriate for patients of all ages. Ceramic crowns often restore adult teeth. Instead, less expensive, but very durable stainless steel crowns help treat baby teeth. This restores function until the tooth comes out naturally.

Tooth Whitening

This cosmetic procedure is for adult patients with a buildup of staining on their teeth from food and beverage consumption, smoking and other lifestyle habits. Discoloration of children’s teeth is sometimes a result of issues that surface whitening doesn’t address. Children may need a different cosmetic treatment to achieve whiter teeth.

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