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Getting your Smile Back with Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsIf you have experienced tooth loss, there may be one thing on your mind: getting your smile back. By that, we do not mean the exact look of your old smile. Getting your smile back after tooth loss encompasses much more than appearance. Filling in the empty space also means preserving what’s  there by preventing movement in surrounding teeth. It means restoring your ability to eat the foods you love, and to chew efficiently on both sides of your mouth. Ultimately the phrase “getting your smile back” translates into getting back the confidence you deserve to feel when you open your mouth. Patients of Kalil Dental Associates in Windham and Methuen can do this with dental implants.

Why Dental Implants are the New Norm

Most of what we use in our daily lives has changed over time. We drive cars to get where we need to go, not a horse and buggy. We eat food purchased from a store or restaurant, rather than foods we raised on our own land. Our knowledge about tooth decay and other oral diseases enables us to know exactly how we should care for our teeth. When teeth are lost, we have updated ways to replace them. Early models of dentures, dating back to 700BC, were made with real bone, either from humans or animals. This practice continued for several centuries, and all models focused only on restoring the appearance of teeth. Until the mid-twentieth century, there was very little thought about what stabilizes teeth.

Today, the norm in tooth replacement is to look beyond the surface. It is beneath the gums, after all, where teeth gain their true capabilities. Dental implants are replacement roots. After they are inserted, they become encased in bone. That means they shouldn’t go anywhere, as long as you maintain healthy gums. Stabilized implants, which look like tiny screws, can support structures as small as a single crown and as substantial as a full denture.

We take care to perform dental implant treatment in a way that enables our patients to immediately gain the appearance of a healthy, intact smile. Once implants have healed within the jawbone, we replace the temporary tooth or teeth with custom, lifelike porcelain fixtures.

Your smile is a gift that you don’t have to lose. Learn more about dental implants when you call our Methuen or Windham office.