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Here’s why we love the laser

For some 30 years, lasers have been incorporated into dental procedures with bright results. The technology has only gotten better since first approved by the FDA for dental use in the 1980s. These days, patients might not even realize what a positive effect lasers have had on oral health and their comfort at the dentist.

Lasers work by delivering energy in the form of light, and at the dentist, they’re used with, or in place of, many traditional tools, often making procedures quicker, less painful – and less noisy. Here are just a few of the ways lasers have been put to work for you:

If you have a cavity

laser dentistry methuen maQuieter and more efficient laser drills are used to remove tooth decay in a much more targeted way. That helps preserve more of the healthy part of the tooth while the decayed areas are being removed. The laser drill effectively prepares the surrounding enamel for the filling, and then laser light can be used to harden the material to strengthen the bond between tooth and filling.

If you have gum disease

Laser technology can be used to remove bacteria and plaque and then reshape the damaged gums. They also encourage a speedier healing time.

If you need tissue removed

Lasers can be used to biopsy suspicious lesions in the mouth and remove them. Laser treatment can also help relieve the pain of canker sores.

If you want a brighter smile — now

Laser teeth whitening activates the bleaching solution and speeds up the whitening process. Results are visible immediately, and teeth are their brightest white.

If you have a long or short gum line

Lasers can be used to gently cut away excess gum tissues, revealing more of your teeth and achieving a better gum-to-tooth balance. Lasers are also part of procedures that recontour teeth with the use of crowns or veneers for people with receding gum lines.

If you’re not a huge fan of going to the dentist

Make your appointment for the quicker, more comfortable results we can offer you with laser technology.  Call today: in Windham, 603-434-0090; in Methuen, 978-688-1895.