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How laser dentistry can be used to enhance and restore the smile in today’s dental office

Laser Dentistry Methuen MAAt Kalil Dental, we know how important it is to provide the latest techniques and technologies for our patients to consider in restoring their smile. Many times, lasers are used in medicine to achieve results. This is no different in dental practices across the United States. In dentistry, lasers can be used to create a chemical reaction, vaporize soft and hard tissues in the mouth, or even preparing a tooth that has a cavity for a filling.

These are the ways in which laser dentistry is utilized in our facility:

• Soft tissue treatment – when the soft tissues need to be addressed, laser dentistry can help. Our facility uses laser light to cut into gum tissues to realign them. This is best for patients who have a gummy smile or improper alignment of their gums along the arch of the teeth.

• Cavity preparation – patients who have cavities need to have the area treated. This includes removing the decayed tissues and providing a filling to protect the inner portions of the tooth from further damage. Cavity preparation is done with laser light, allowing patients to enjoy a treatment without drills, with less sensitivity, and in a more conservative and precise manner.

• Gum contouring – contouring the gums is a popular treatment achieved with laser technology. When gum contouring is performed with lasers, it provides a more precise treatment with less bleeding and discomfort, while also speeding healing and recovery.

• Treating disease – patients with periodontal disease will need to treat the infection at the source. With laser light, a dentist can target areas of infection and provide a way to kill of bacteria causing the problem.

Ready to learn more about advanced laser options at Kalil Dental Associates?

Contact Drs. Donna Kalil, Kenneth Kalil, and Jordan Thomas today at one of our two locations in Windham, NH and Methuan, MA to find out if we can provide you with the services you need to enhance your smile! The Methuan office can be reached at (978) 688-1895 and our Windham office can be reached at (603) 434-0090. We welcome new and existing patients into our practices for comprehensive dental care solutions which may include laser treatments.