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How Lumineers can quickly and easily enhance your smile!

Professional Teeth Whitening Windham, NHCovering imperfections of the smile is simple with today’s cosmetic dentistry solutions. For patients who have problems with the teeth near the front of the smile, called the “social six,” it can be embarrassing when dealing with breakage, staining, or even misalignment of the teeth. This is when the team at Kalil Dental Associates may recommend solutions such as Lumineers!

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a unique type of porcelain veneer that can be used to cover imperfections of the natural smile and improve the overall appearance of the teeth. When problems exist in the front teeth, Lumineers can be used over the front of them to change their look. Lumineers are very thin porcelain restorations that are like facings bonded to the teeth for disguising common cosmetic issues.

How are Lumineers different than traditional porcelain veneers?

Lumineers are different than conventional veneers because they are thinner and do not require any preparations. This makes them reversible, so if patients choose later on to have a different solution employed, they can have the Lumineers removed without any damage to the natural tooth structure. This makes them a highly desirable option for patients who are unsure as to how they want to address an issue within the smile permanently.

How are Lumineers made?

Unlike porcelain veneers, a dentist does not have to prepare the teeth by filing off a layer of the natural tooth enamel. Patients have a series of impressions completed which are sent off to the Lumineers laboratory for the fabrication of their new facings. The facings are made to match the color, shape, and size of the existing teeth so when they are bonded in place, they provide seamless results!

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Drs. Donna Kalil, Kenneth Kalil, and Jordan Thomas of the Methuen, MA, and Windham, NH areas are dedicated to providing quality solutions for patients to consider when it comes to enhancing their smiles. If you are interested in learning more about Lumineers, contact the office today. We schedule patients for consultation visits to discuss their options for cosmetic dentistry, and walk patients through the process of completely rejuvenating the appearance of their teeth and gums!