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Let’s Get into Some of the Details of Invisalign

Invisalign Braces Windham NHNow that Invisalign has been in use for several years, we have had the opportunity to see what this braces-free teeth-straightening system can do. Furthermore, the makers of the Invisalign system have had the opportunity to expand the capabilities of the clear plastic aligners. Because Invisalign has proven itself a contender in the teeth-straightening department, interest in this treatment continues to increase, and that can mean confusion.

Interestingly enough, the more popular a treatment gets, the more misinformation may spread. Let’s get down to the important details that you need to know if you’re considering Invisalign:

  • You’ve got to wear your aligners. When a person gets braces, there is no question that their treatment will achieve its goal. This isn’t cut-and-dry with Invisalign. If aligners are not in place the majority of the time, it will take longer to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Oral hygiene is even more important when you wear Invisalign. The way that clear plastic aligners can straighten teeth is by full coverage. Where there is full coverage, there is less oxygenation, and there is less saliva to dilute acidity and sugar residue. Therefore, there is an increased risk of decay and infection. Be prepared to rinse your mouth after every meal and snack – at least. Ideally, tooth-brushing will occur three times a day.
  • Remember that comfort is subjective. Some people will say that Invisalign doesn’t hurt one bit. Other people will say that a new set of aligners creates a mild ache or uncomfortable sensation. The fact is, it is necessary for the periodontal ligament to stretch if we want teeth to move, and this could be slightly uncomfortable for short periods of time.
  • Toothpaste is not good for aligners. Most toothpaste products are made with mildly abrasive particles. This is good for enamel because it polishes it. It is bad for plastic aligners because it could scratch the surface, allowing bacteria to accumulate.
  • Aligners are nearly invisible until they’re not. Once you become accustomed to wearing your aligners, there may be a natural temptation to leave them in a while enjoying a warm or cool beverage other than water. This is a no-no. Not only could that let debris stick to teeth and gums, but it could also stain the clear plastic.

We enjoy seeing our patients get smiles they love. Learn more about Invisalign by getting in touch with our Windham or Methuen office.