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Luminate Your Smile: the Effect of Lumineers

lumineers methuen maIf your teeth are in rough shape, you’ve probably considered talking to your dentist about veneers before. And when you get around to it, that will be a great life decision! But remember—you don’t have to put it off. However, while you’re waiting, you should take the time to consider asking your dentist about Lumineers, a high-quality version of veneers.

What Sets Lumineers Apart?

So you’re wondering why Lumineers stand out above the rest of your options for veneers. The short answer is this: they’re fast and they’re comfortable. While most normal veneers involve lengthy processes, involving shaving off part of the tooth and awkward acrylic temporary covers, lumineers require minimal preparation. Because Lumineers are about as thin as a contact lens, you will not feel that they’re on your teeth.

The Lumineer Process

During your first visit, we will mold your mouth to prepare your Lumineers to custom fit your mouth.   There is no need to shave off some enamel or give you any shots. Your teeth will be in their normal condition until your new covers are ready!

In the interim period, the mold will be shipped off to a plant, along with pictures and any other information the dentist thinks is relevant. Your veneers will be made using the best materials and the intimate and personal details of your mouth. Within just a few weeks, you will be called in for your second appointment, where your dentist will fit the Lumineers onto your teeth. There will be a little bit of etching, and after it’s sure that the covers fit properly, they will be bonded onto your teeth.

Because the process is so smooth, there is no pain and no downtime. You don’t have to worry about something going wrong, because your real teeth will not be damaged at all—only covered.


Whether you are trying to fix gaps, yellowing, or cracks—or even just working to make a good smile great!–Lumineers are your best choice. Come consult with Dr. Kalil about them today and come out with a new, bright smile.