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Maximizing Bridge Treatment With Implants

Dental BridgesDental bridges, like dentures, have been a longstanding method of restoring form and function to the mouth. The familiarity of these treatments is so great that many people still overlook the advancement that has changed the game of tooth replacement: dental implants.

If you are missing a single tooth, there is the good reason to consider how an implant would serve you for the rest of your life. A traditional bridge may also be used in such a situation. However, remember that bone loss, even in a small, localized area, is a significant problem. When two or more adjacent teeth have been lost, the benefits of the implant supported bridge become even more pronounced.

The implant-supported bridge is similar to an overdenture, where the multi-tooth prosthesis is affixed to a few posts that have integrated into the jaw bone. The clear advantage of this support is that healthy teeth are not placed under the stress of having to support the function once served by multiple teeth. But there is more . . .

A bridge significantly improves the aesthetic value of the smile which has lost a few teeth. Even in the standard form, a dental bridge made with today’s materials looks and feels much more like a natural tooth than the fixtures made just a few decades ago. Made with porcelain, replacement teeth shine and reflect light so well that most people cannot tell that they are not natural, even at the front of the smile.

Closing the gap between two teeth also means that speech is restored or is never affected by the change in oral structure. Nor is the ability to chew food, and to enjoy a wide variety of foods. Finally, the closure of space means that surrounding teeth are not able to move from their ideal position.

And there is more . . .

If a standard bridge can accomplish so much, then why would we suggest an implant support that fixture? It’s simple. Longevity. Not only does the integrated implant post hold its value for life (as long as you take care of your gum health), but the teeth that would have otherwise been fitted with crowns are also able to function for a longer period. Finally, it is much easier to brush and floss with an implant supported structure than a conventional bridge.

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