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Your Mouth may be Giving Away your Secrets!

Dental ExamA dental visit should be anything but stressful. Our team strives to develop the kind of relationships our patients need to feel the utmost comfort during their routine exams. For the most part, what is revealed in a dental exam pertains to the health of teeth and gums. However, there are certain signs that may also tell us a little more about a person’s lifestyle or general health. This is a good thing! It allows us to customize dental care and education to individual needs!

Here’s what your Dental Exam may Reveal

  • You’re skipping the floss. If you are like many people, you may remember that your dentist wants you to floss, so you do it right before your routine exam and cleaning. Throughout the months since your last visit, though, you may have simply let this task slide. Guess what. We know. When you show up for your exam having just flossed (or even the night before), your gums may actually show tiny “slices” from the string of floss. If you haven’t been flossing all along, your gums will also show signs if inflammation.
  • You need some stress management tools. A lot of us are pretty stressed out on a routine basis. As a result of unmanaged stress, it is possible that you could develop problems in your teeth, gums, and in your jaw. This is related to bruxism, the condition of grinding and clenching the jaw. People who grind and clench may suffer TMJ disorder, which causes pain or soreness in the jaw or face. Teeth also wear down as a result of bruxism, and the gums may become weak around certain teeth.
  • You may have a health condition. There are a few ways in which your oral exam may reveal evidence of a health condition. One is your breath. Dentists can often tell by the sweet smell of a person’s breath that he or she may have unregulated blood sugar, indicating pre-diabetes or diabetes. Certain health conditions, such as acid reflux, may be noticed due to the erosion of teeth near the back of the mouth.

The point of dental exams is to protect and restore the health of the oral cavity. As a side benefit, this area of health care can complement others. Contact our office today to set up your next dental exam and cleaning.