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Myths You Know About Root Canal Therapy — Busted!

Since root canal therapy is one of the most dreaded dental procedures, it is our duty to tell you that a root canal procedure is not anywhere
near as painful as the myth makes it out to be. Some people avoid root canals based on falsehoods, which is a crime because a root canal can save a tooth.

Here are some myths about root canal therapy.

1. The procedure will cause extreme pain.root canal therapy methuen ma

Pain is the first thing most people associate with a root canal. Actually, the pain is caused by the infection in the tooth. Root canals take out the nerve in the tooth, removing the pain and saving the tooth. Modern pain-alleviating methods virtually eliminate any pain during the procedure.

2. A root canal procedure will remove the nerves, eliminating any sensation of pain.

While it is true that nerves are removed, patients can still feel some pain or sensitivity for some time after the procedure. Once the area has recovered, the tooth may no longer feel any sensitivity to hot or cold food or drinks.

3. Root canal therapy is not needed because of tooth extraction.

While one way to relieve tooth pain is to extract the affected tooth, a root canal procedure is a better option as it salvages the tooth and allows you to keep a complete smile.

Root Canal in Windham, NH and Methuen, MA

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