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Need a Few Good Reasons to See the Dentist?

dental visitAs much as we’d like to think otherwise, we know that a large majority of people hesitate when it comes to scheduling routine dental care. If visits are scheduled, they can easily be put off for a later date. It’s easy to do this when you aren’t experiencing any discomfort. Is this really the way to go about managing your oral health needs? Maybe not. Here are a few good reasons to stop procrastinating and see your dentist.

  • Get back-up. You deserve a good, long pat on the back if you are brushing and flossing every day as your dentist has recommended. Home care is crucial to avoiding cavities, gum disease, and infection. However, routine checkups and cleanings are necessary to give you the backup you need should the going get tough. One of the purposes of the dental exam is to see if plaque and tartar have formed (this happens within a 24-hour period), and to remove these harmful substances if they are found.
  • Unearthing secrets. The dental exam can reveal things about you that you may not even know, and this can help us to deliver the highest level of care focused on your particular needs. An example of the secrets your mouth may tell is bruxism. This condition is a factor in the development of TMJ disorder, and it may also be behind “random” fractures or chips in teeth. If you grind or clench, your dentist will know just by looking in your mouth.
  • Mountain or molehill. Between the two, which would you rather tackle? Your dentist would rather treat “molehill” problems that need to dig through a mountain of poor oral health. By maintaining your routine checkups and cleanings, you work with us to keep you in the best possible oral health.

Aside from these very important reasons to see your dentist regularly, there is also the matter of dental anxiety. If your reason of procrastinating in scheduling routine care is fear, imagine how much easier it could be to keep your visits when you expect only good news!

Let’s partner to bring out the best in your smile. Call us in Methuen or Windham today.