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Planning a Summertime Get Together? Remember This!

dental careThe warm summer months remind us of the beauty of human connection. Weather beckons us outdoors, where we can picnic or relax beneath the stars during a dinner party with close friends and family. As you prepare meals for such gatherings, you can maximize both flavors and health-giving benefits by choosing foods carefully.

Raw Fruits and Vegetables

One of the cornerstones of just about every party is the plate filled with raw fruits and vegetables. These foods aren’t just good for the waistline; they also promote a healthy mouth. The crunchiness of vegetables like celery and cauliflower cleanse the teeth. High-water foods such as pears, apples, cucumbers, and watermelon stimulate the flow of saliva, which is beneficial for acid-reduction.

Other foods that are tooth-friendly include . . .

Pineapples are healing to the mouth and the body due to their vitamin C and K content. If it is a whiter smile you’d like, stock up on strawberries this summer. This sweet fruit is loaded with malic acid, which has been said to brighten up enamel. To build strong enamel, add a cheese plate to your summer festivities. The casein protein in dairy is associated with strong teeth and bones.

What to Drink

Does having a healthy, bright smile mean that you have to shun all beverages but water during your dinner parties and any other time? Not necessarily. There are some things you should know, though. Many of the beverages that we use to quench thirst are highly acidic. This is particularly troubling when it comes to children whose teeth are still developing. Acidic beverages such as sports and energy drinks increase the risk of erosion, which can lead to cavities as well as discoloration. Bottled, carbonated water is even strongly acidic to teeth.

If you do consume soda, alcohol, tea, coffee, or carbonated beverages, you can minimize their impact by swishing fresh water around the mouth.

Want to Treat your Guests?

If you are one to throw the party of the season, you no doubt think of ways to wow your guests. One way to do this is to offer dental items such as wine wipes or personal flossers in a small basket set in the guest bathroom. Other luxuries may include lip balm and travel sized toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Hosting parties is fun any time of year. We hope these tips help you make the most of your festivities.