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Protect Your Bright Smile with These Tips

Restorative Dentistry Methuen MAMost people recognize the value of a healthy smile. When our teeth and gums are healthy, we get to enjoy fresher breath and infrequent pain, if any at all. In addition to keeping the smile healthy, a large number of adults are also interested in maintaining natural beauty. As you may know, this takes work. Just like we need to care for our skin to postpone the signs of aging, we’ve got to give our teeth regular attention to avoid frustrations like discoloration. Here, we suggest a few ways to preserve the radiance of your smile.

  • Eat with care. You may be acutely aware that your morning cup of java is depositing particles on your teeth that will eventually dull your smile. Does that mean you should end your love-affair with coffee? We wouldn’t dream of suggesting that. The fact is discoloration occurs as a result of many foods and beverages. The trick is to mitigate their effects. The way to do it? Rinse! After consuming a food or drink, swish some water through your mouth. Brushing too soon can do more harm than good because enamel is softer after a meal.
  • Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is not a trend; it is a way of life that can improve every aspect of living, even your oral health. You know you should brush and floss every day. Are you paying attention when you perform this task? Are you staying with it for two minutes? Are there days you forget to give your teeth some love? Mindfulness is what you need. In addition to brushing and flossing, mindful oral care can include occasional home whitening to keep your baseline intact.
  • Create that baseline. By the time discoloration is noticed, it usually needs professional help. Kalil Dental Associates is happy to help you create the baseline of radiance you want for your smile. We offer in-office treatment, home whitening, and a combination of the two. Professional teeth whitening is beneficial because it is safe and fully customizable to your personal preferences.

Get the radiant smile you deserve. Contact us in Windham or Methuen for professional teeth whitening that is tailored to your needs.