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Ready To Test Your Knowledge?

Your knowledge of oral health and dental care directly relate to how good you feel, and how good you feel about the appearance of your teeth. At Kalil Dental Associates, we think that dentistry should be serious, but also fun. On that note, we invite you to take our short quiz to see what you know about various dental topics.

Which of the following can cause tooth damage?

  1. Soda
  2. Vinegar salad dressing
  3. Diet soda
  4. Carbonated water
  5. All of the above
  6. None of the above

Answer: E. Many people are aware that soda is tooth-damaging because soda contains sugar. However, diet soda, and even carbonated water are also dangerous and should be consumed in very limited amounts. The problem with these beverages, as well as vinegar salad dressing, is not sugar – it’s acid. Acid, even the acidic byproduct of sugar-fed bacteria, eats away at the healthy enamel, increasing the risk of cavities and other tooth damage.

Which method of teeth whitening is best?

  1. Professional in-office whitening
  2. Laser teeth whitening
  3. Commercial whitening strips
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

Answer: E. – OR, D! Here’s the thing, teeth whitening is a customs procedure. If you have very light stains, you may be able to maintain a bright smile with the occasional use of commercial whitening strips. Stains that are more severe will not be lifted by this method because the concentration of peroxide is too low. In such cases, either in-office whitening or home whitening prescribed by your dentist is more appropriate. The primary difference between professional whitening treatments is the time in which optimal results can be achieved.

True or False

Sports drinks are a good alternative to soda.

False. If you look back at the first question, you will remember that cavities are caused when enamel is weakened, and enamel is weakened by acid. Sports drinks have a similar amount of acid as soda and can cause tooth damage within a week if consumed daily.

Gold crowns are outdated and unattractive.

False. While some different types of crowns exist today, gold remains one of the best materials for this protective restoration. Gold is malleable so creates an excellent fit, which then translates into longevity. Gold is also one of the strongest dental materials. If you want a gold crown to blend in with surrounding teeth, this can be accomplished with a porcelain overlay. It’s that simple!

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