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More Reasons to Kick the Habit

dental healthThere are habits that prolong life and support vitality, and there are those that we know are bad for our general health and wellness. Still, some habits take hold and are extremely difficult to quit. Smoking and other tobacco use are prime examples. There is widespread awareness of the damage that smoking can do to the lungs and other parts of the body, and yet this particular habit remains prevalent throughout the global society. While we often talk about smoking and lung cancer, there is also value in discussing what tobacco may be doing to the mouth.

Stained Teeth

Most people would like to present themselves in the best possible light. This often means to secure a brilliant smile. Smoking can make this somewhat of a challenge. Sure, professional teeth whitening can be conducted every so often to reduce the staining effects of tobacco and the chemicals most products contain. However, what is difficult to avoid is the breakdown of enamel caused by the persistent contact with those chemicals. Over time, the thinned enamel allows the color of dentin to show through, making it more difficult to resist staining.

Tooth Damage

When we think of tooth damage, we think of cavities. When we think of cavities, we think of sugar. Not so fast. Teeth are protected by their hard outer shell of enamel, which happens to be stronger than bone. We just stated that tobacco and its chemical cronies breaks down enamel. This means that bacteria and acids have a much easier time eating away at teeth. At its worst, tobacco has rotted away some people’s teeth right down to the gum line.


Because oral mucosa relies on oxygen in the blood for nourishment and strength, there is a direct correlation between smoking and gum disease. Tobacco use ravages the gums from the inside and from the outside. The irritation from direct contact can lead to chronic inflammation that calls on the immune system for healing. However, the blood lacks adequate concentrations of good old O2, and cannot support healthy gum tissue. The consequence? Receding gums, infection, bone loss, tooth loss, and more.

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