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Root canal therapy can be an option for saving a tooth that might otherwise be extracted

Root Canal | Methuen MA

At Kalil Dental Associates, patients in the areas of Windham, NH and Methuen, MA are able to seek effective treatment options when problems arise. Patients who experience trauma to a tooth, a dental pulp infection, or an abscess may be faced with the reality of tooth extraction. However, thanks to treatments such as root canal therapy, patients are able to save their natural tooth with an affordable and effective procedure.

What is root canal therapy?

When patients hear of a “root canal,” they envision pain and discomfort. They think of an invasive procedure that is feared. However, root canal therapy is a treatment that actually relieves pain for our patients. Patients who require root canal therapy are often experiencing toothaches that are unable to improve with the use of over-the-counter pain medications, and never will go away without necessary treatment. Root canal therapy is a procedure during which the dental pulp inside of the tooth is removed by a dental professional and the tooth is sealed off to avoid further infection. The treatment is done with proper anesthetics and sedation to ensure the patient is comfortable from start to finish. Our dentists take great care in providing patients with the treatment they need to bring their smile back to health. Without root canal therapy, patients are faced with the prospect of removing a permanent, adult tooth and seeking effective replacement. This can be costly and embarrassing. Instead, patients can use root canal therapy to save their tooth—and their smile.

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Patients in the communities of Methuen, MA and Windham, NH who are in need of necessary treatments to maintain the health of their smile and address problems are encouraged to book an appointment with our dentists to undergo services such as root canal therapy. Our dentists are all here to provide solutions for patients who are faced with dental needs. Call one of our two conveniently located offices today to schedule your initial consultation appointment with one of our team members to learn about the ways in which the smile can be improved, enhanced, and maintained.