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Be Scared of the Yeti, Not Us

Sedation dentistrySome people are scared of spiders. Some people are scared of heights. Some people are scared of orange-colored politicians.

Others are scared of going to the dentist. And that’s a bad thing for their teeth.

At Kalil & Kress, we provide sedation for our patients who equate a visit to our offices with a viewing of Saw IV.

It’s not just fear

Some people have a fear of the dentist office. It may have been a bad previous experience with another dentist, or it may stem from stories from the patient’s friends. Or, he or she may simply have watched Marathon Man one too many times. Haven’t seen it? Suffice it to say the innocent protagonist, Dustin Hoffman, is mistaken for another person who knows where some hidden Nazi treasure is located. To find it, ex-Nazi doctor Lawrence Olivier uses, uh, persuasive dental drilling techniques!

Not good for our reputation!

Beyond fear, some patients also have other issues that can be mitigated with sedation. They may have overly sensitive teeth or gums, or they may have an extremely strong gag reflex.

Sedation to the rescue!

Sedation allows people to feel comfortable about undergoing complex or lengthy procedures. Often, those patients note afterward that the procedure seemed to last just a few minutes. It allows those with sensitive teeth or gums to feel absolutely nothing during the procedure. And for those with an innate fear, it simply takes the edge off.

Types of sedation we use

At Kalil & Kress, we use several possible levels or types of sedation:

  • Nitrous oxide — You may know it as laughing gas. Administered through a facemask, nitrous oxide is helpful for patients who fear the needle used to inject the local anesthetic. Nitrous oxide gives the patient a feeling of relaxation, making it easier to sit through a long procedure. It also wears off quickly, making it great for patients who will drive themselves home after their appointment.
  • Oral sedatives — We use a variety of oral sedatives such as Valium and Xanax to cause drowsiness and reduce anxiety. Like nitrous oxide, once administered, oral sedatives allow us to inject the local anesthetic to prevent any pain.

See? There’s no reason to miss your appointment with the team at Kalil & Kress because you’re nervous about it. Our sedation services will alleviate your fear and discomfort. Call us to schedule your next appointment, 603-880-7004.