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Sensitive Teeth and Whitening Treatment CAN go Together

sensitive teethOur teeth serve functional purposes, but it is their aesthetic appearance that may affect us the most. You may have optimally healthy teeth. They may feel secure and comfortable; no cavities to speak of. And yet, if your teeth are yellow or dull, the effect on your psyche could keep you from smiling, and this is not good. We need to smile. Others need us to smile. It’s what makes the world go ’round! Smiling causes beneficial responses in the brain that enhance our mood, as well as the mood of the people who are treated to our smile. So. If discoloration is a concern, let’s talk about how we can resolve it.

But Wait, My Teeth are Sensitive!
The teeth whitening procedure itself can cause temporary sensitivity to the healthiest of teeth. This is because it is necessary to reach into the pores in enamel with peroxide, a mild bleaching agent, to break apart the molecules inside. In order to gain entry into the pores, teeth whitening solutions also have to break through the protective protein film that covers enamel. This, coupled with the absorption of peroxide, sets of a process of increased circulation into the teeth that can cause heightened responses to external factors.

The sensitivity that occurs with teeth whitening is typically very mild and very temporary. Still, we understand that no one likes stepping right into an uncomfortable situation. To gain peace of mind, consider ways that you can mitigate the factors of whitening that could lead to sensitivity.

  • Strong teeth are mineralized teeth. Acidity robs teeth of their minerals. So, limiting acidity in the mouth can enhance the protection against sensitivity. While you are undergoing your whitening treatment, consume less acidic foods. Limit your coffee intake, or give up soda for a few days.
  • If you are whitening your teeth at home, rinse your mouth after your treatment. Avoid brushing right after whitening because this could erode enamel and actually cause sensitivity.
  • There are a few toothpaste products on the market that are formulated to remineralize teeth. You may use one of these products, or a toothpaste for sensitive teeth, during your whitening process.

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