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Some (Weird) Tips For Protecting Your Teeth!


Don’t ever skip brushing your teeth before you go to bed

dental care methuen ma family dentistry kalil dentalFind the strength of will to get up and sleepwalk to the sink to brush your teeth. Because if you consider the risks of not brushing (gum diseases, bacteria, plaque build-up, tooth loss), you’ll always brush. Before we go to bed is the most critical brushing of the day because plaque builds up on our teeth all day long and can calcify and become tartar in 24 hours.


Don’t drink bottled water

For those of us who live in states with fluoridated water, we are getting protection for our teeth every time we drink a glass straight out of the tap. Fluoride helps protect teeth against decay and promotes remineralization, a process that helps repair early, minor decay. Most bottled water contains no fluoride, or not enough to protect your teeth.


Don’t leave your toothbrush out

People used to think it was a good idea to let your toothbrush sit out to dry on your counter. But especially if you share a holder, you could end up catching something from someone else’s brush from the mingling of bacteria. Certainly our mouths are full of bacteria, we don’t want to add other things floating in the air in bathrooms.


Don’t drink wine without petroleum jelly

Seriously! And it’s because the acidity in red wine (and tea and coffee) can soften your enamel and stain and darken your teeth. The tannins can even lodge in the tiny grooves of your enamel and create a sticky substance that can hold onto cavity-causing bacteria. You can rinse with water when you finish your dark-colored liquids, or take protecting your teeth a step further by coating them with a layer of petroleum jelly (Vaseline). It acts as a barrier between your teeth and the liquid.


Don’t ever skip

To keep your teeth healthy, you should have them examined and cleaned every six months; yet, many people skip them, sometimes for years. Always set up your next appointment before you leave the dentist’s office so you don’t have to remember to do it later. Or call now: in Windham: 603-434-0090; in Methuen: 978-688-1895.