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Tackling what Keeps you from Dental Care

dental anxietyYou don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate the sheer brute strength of players who bowl over anything in their path. If only we all had the ability to tackle obstacles that way! What we want to talk about today is the issue of dental anxiety. Whether slight or severe, this problem keeps millions from seeing the dentist. And the irony of this situation is that, when dental care is not performed as a preventative step, it will eventually need to be performed as a way to restore better health and comfort.

Do you relate with these common reasons for avoiding dental care?

  1. Needles. Sure, we live in the age of injectables like Botox and dermal fillers, and many people undergo such treatments to get the results they offer. When it comes to getting a tooth restored, though, many people become frozen with fear. In more cases than we’d like to imagine, the fear of needles overrides existing pain due to an unhealthy dental condition! Here is a suggestion for resolving this fear: see your dentist before you have a dental problem. More often than not, routine dental care will involve nothing more than a comfortable check-up and cleaning. It is when these exams do not take place that restoration, and injections, are needed.
  2. Gag reflex. A strong gag reflex can keep you from brushing your teeth comfortably, so why would you look forward to your dentist perusing around in your mouth! Some people have reported finding relief from a strong gag reflex with a small amount of salt on the tip of their tongue. Your dentist has experience with the issue of gagging, and can help you discover the best way for you to feel comfortable during your dental visits. Just ask!
  3. Uncertainty. It is human nature to want to know what’s around the corner. When there is fear of the unknown, there is anxiety before dental care. We encourage our patients to maintain preventive care on a routine basis so that they can feel more confident about what to expect during their visits. It is when too many months – or years – go by between exams that problems could occur.

The team at Kalil Dental Associates loves helping patients find the joy in dental care. Contact us to schedule your exam and cleaning.