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Teeth-Stainers You Need to Avoid!

Whether you like it or not, your teeth will not stay as white as they once were. Over the years, the food we eat and the beverages we drink can cause the enamel on our teeth to erode, showing the yellowish color of our dentin from within. Even the natural process of aging contributes to the yellowing of our teeth.

While there are teeth whitening options at your dentist, it’s always better to save yourself from the hassle in the first place. Avoid these top three foods and drinks that can stain your teeth.

teeth whitening stained teeth methuen, MA kalil dental

Is tea good…or not?

Although it has many health benefits, dark-hued teas unfortunately stain your teeth in a hurry. If you can’t live without these organic drinks, at least try to add some milk to them. Or if you prefer, stick to green or white teas.


Red wine: good for the heart, not for the teeth.

A glass of red wine after a nice dinner is certainly the cherry on top of a fine meal. But what if we tell you that it stains your teeth? A solution to this would be to drink water in between your sips of wine to reduce its acidic content in your mouth.teeth whitening stained teeth methuen, MA kalil dental


It’s time to resist those sweets.

Hard candies — especially the hard, colorful ones that turn your tongue a different color — not only contribute to the possibility of cavities, but can also stain your teeth. Seriously, leave the treats to the kids.

If stained teeth have gotten the best of you, let us have a look at them. Call us today at 978-688-1895 to book a consultation with our dentists at Kalil Dental. We look forward to your visit!