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Why Teeth Whitening is a Job for your Dentist

Teeth Whitening Methuen, MAAs strong and resilient as the enamel on our teeth is, it is no match for the morning cup of coffee. In fact, you may be aware that there are numerous threats to your radiant smile. It is as if every time we open our mouth to put in food or beverage, there is a good chance that stains are in our future. Because a brilliant white smile has, in recent years, become synonymous with youth and vitality, it is understandable that more people are interested in finding the right method of teeth whitening. But just what does that look like?

In reality, teeth whitening is nothing new. Humans have been at this for centuries. It is only in the era of modern dentistry that safe and effective solutions for discoloration have been found. As these solutions have been more widely understood, they have been mimicked. This could impact your smile if you aren’t aware of the differences between DIY whitening and professional care from your dentist. Let’s take a look:

Your dentist sees the big picture.

Getting a whiter smile is one thing, but doing it safely, in a manner that works, and does not harm oral structures, is really what you want. Dentists don’t just hop right to the controlled bleaching of teeth. First, a thorough examination is performed. A cleaning may also be recommended to remove any biofilm that may inhibit optimal results. In conducting this evaluation, your dentist will be able to identify if stains are close to the surface, or if they are within the tooth. This matters, because internal stains usually don’t “bleach-out.”

Your dentist gets results quickly.

There aren’t many people who can stick with a program of daily whitening if results are not forthcoming. This is one of the greatest advantages of professional teeth whitening: you get to start seeing a brighter smile right away! Depending on the method of whitening you choose, the results you see may even be nearly-immediate. In a short office visit, we can perform the whitening process for you. All you have to do is sit back and relax. In-office whitening is sometimes the initial aspect of treatment and is followed by a round of home-whitening for the most dramatic results.

The desire for a brilliant smile is simply human nature. The benefits of a white smile are unmistakable. Enjoy them sooner rather than later. Call us in Windham or Methuen for more information on our teeth whitening services.