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Think you can Put off Dental Treatment?

dental treamentYou’ve been in to see your dentist for a routine checkup and cleaning, only to discover that you have a slight dental problem that needs fixing. What do you do? If you’re like a lot of people, you may think that you will schedule the care you need “in a bit.” Life is busy, and though it is important to you that you get that tooth repaired, you may forget or innocently put off your treatment. Here is why that could be a big mistake.

  • Dental problems are not stagnant. When you have a problem in the mouth, such as a cavity, you must think about the role that bacteria play in the progression of damage. A tooth that is vulnerable will be easier to degrade than a healthy, strong tooth, and that means that complications from your initial problem could develop relatively quickly.
  • The dental care you need depends on the severity of the problem. We know that most of our patients would prefer not to need restorative dental treatment at all. When a small problem is diagnosed, we may be able to correct it with a filling or crown. However, the treatment that you would prefer will depend on how quickly you are treated. If a problem progresses, you may find yourself rushing to our office for urgent care to resolve severe pain, which will likely call for more in-depth care than that filling you needed initially.
  • It may cost more to repair your smile. The more comprehensive care you need, such as a root canal and crown versus a filling, the higher the cost to repair the tooth. No one likes having to spend extra money just for that!
  • Here’s something that may prompt you to get care right away. If you’re not in pain at the time you discover you have a small issue, why put yourself in the position of developing a toothache? When your tooth hurts, you cannot eat well, and the last thing you want is to have your dentist poking around in your mouth.

Why wait? Let the team at Kalil Dental Associates give you the gentle care you need to enjoy a healthy, pain-free smile.