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It’s Time for Some Straight Talk

invisalignAt Kalil Dental Associates, we believe in giving it to you straight. We understand that a large majority of patients today are interested in straightening teeth that are crooked, crowded, and generally not in their best condition. In many situations, we are very happily able to correct misalignment without having to attach permanent fixtures over the teeth. If you have been craving a straighter smile but have put off calling the dentist because you fear being told that you need braces, it’s time for some straight talk about Invisalign.

More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that a straighter smile doesn’t always need to come from braces. Invisalign has been helping people from around the world feel better about their teeth for several years now. This system operates on proven  orthodontic principles, though not on the same mechanics. It does not rely on wires and brackets to encourage teeth into their rightful spot. Instead, aligners do the work.

Aligners, Really?

One of the biggest questions that a potential patient may have about the Invisalign system is how teeth can possibly be straightened buy clear plastic fixtures that fit over each arch. Aligner trays are manufactured using durable though comfortable and discreet plastic. Yes, they fit over your teeth. While they are in place, they are placing gentle force and just the right places to progress movement as planned. In addition to getting the job done, Invisalign aligners also improve the entire treatment process.


You have likely seen something similar to an Invsalign aligner. A sports guard, perhaps, or teeth whitening trays. Nowhere on these fixtures do you see a bracket or a wire. Likewise, there are none included in Invisalign treatment. This means there are no fixtures sticking out from your teeth to get stuck on lips or cheeks.


If you didn’t already know, Invisalign is popular in part because the barely perceptible aligner trays are removable. This means you can eat what you’d like, drink what you’d like, and take the best possible care of your teeth throughout your treatment plan.


Obviously, straightening teeth leads to greater confidence related to appearance. Having to wear braces to get to that point of having straight teeth is like taking a step backwards. Because Invisalign trays are barely noticeable, patients can feel free to smile, laugh, and speak confidently as their teeth get straighter and straighter.

We love building healthy, attractive smiles. Contact us for an appointment in one of our two conveniently located offices.