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Tips for Maximizing Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign  Methuen, MAIt is no secret that most people would prefer to avoid wearing braces. When tooth-colored brackets and wires were developed to improve the appearance of smiles-in-progress, it was believed that the problem people had with braces was solved. It wasn’t. We live in a time when convenience and discretion are expected. With Invisalign, patients get this and more.

Invisalign is a far cry from the braces of old. There is no frustration tied to oral care, or to eating. There are, however, steps that patients must follow if they want to achieve and maintain the desired outcome – a great smile. Here, we offer a few tips on how patients can get the most out of Invisalign treatment.

  1. Make flossing a habit. We assume all of our patients brush every day. We cannot assume the same of flossing. Most people skip this step in oral care, even though it takes less time than brushing. When Invisalign aligners are being worn, there is a greater risk of plaque buildup. Flossing is crucial to cavity and gingivitis prevention.
  2. Commit to regular wear. Invisalign is praised for being more comfortable than traditional braces, but that doesn’t mean there is no discomfort. For the first two days after a new set of aligners is inserted, teeth may feel sore. Because aligners can be removed, there is a strong temptation to do just that. Don’t. Ride out the strange sensations. They will subside more quickly if you do.
  3. Committing to regular wear also means wearing aligners twenty-two or more hours a day even when they don’t feel like they’re doing anything. It is important that, even during busy work days or social-event seasons, aligners remain in place for most of the hours in a day.
  4. Change aligners when needed. Typically, patients can expect to switch to a new set of aligners every two weeks. However, if your dentist advises you to remain in a current set of aligners for a few more days, do it. Treatment will not be accelerated by changing aligners too soon.
  5. Wear your retainer! The proper wear of a retainer is just as important as the entire Invisalign process. If teeth are not supported by this device, they will shift, and that is a frustrating consequence to live with.

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