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When Tooth Pain May be an Urgent Problem

Family Dentistry Methuen MAOften, tooth pain is something that we kind of try to ignore. Not many people want to admit that they do this, but it’s a rather instinctive reaction. We might try to explain away the mild pain as temporary sensitivity. Sometimes, though, pain is sudden and severe, and this is a problem that refuses to be ignored.

Any time that pain occurs in the mouth and lasts for more than a day, a dental visit should be scheduled. Wouldn’t you love to hear that the mild sensitivity you’ve been having when you eat is just a tiny cavity and repair is simple? We like when things go this way, too. Instances of unique tooth pain may need even more prompt attention. Let’s look at a few . . .

Sudden, Severe Pain

If you felt fine this morning and have a severe toothache tonight, there is a problem. Tooth pain that is keeping your attention needs to be addressed. At home, you may carefully brush and floss and rinse the mouth with warm salt water to see if that helps. These are temporary measures, though. This type of pain could be telling you that bacteria have reached deep into your tooth and are capable of causing a nasty infection.

Throbbing Pain

Infection could also cause a tooth to feel like its throbbing. This kind of pain could develop gradually or suddenly and may indicate a tooth abscess. An abscess is an infection that has localized within a small pocket that has formed within the tooth or along its root system. Wherever an abscess exists, it needs to be treated right away. If this infection is not properly treated, the pocket could rupture and introduce infected debris to surrounding tissue. A ruptured abscess is a serious problem. Do not wait to obtain dental care.

Pain When You Eat or Drink

There are a few types of tooth pain that could occur when you eat or drink. One is sharp sensitivity to hot or cold. The other is pain under the pressure of chewing. Sensitivity could signal that a cavity has developed. It may also be related to receding gums. In either situation, dental care should be obtained within a few days to repair damage and prevent further injury. When chewing causes pain in a tooth, there may be a fracture that needs to be repaired. This is also a matter of importance because a small fracture could lead to a larger break. Fractures that are tiny also allow bacteria to the inner realm of the tooth, inviting infection.

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