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What Do We Do During Your Professional Cleanings

family dentistrySome people scoff at the idea of a “professional cleaning” thinking they can do all the same stuff at home, so why to waste time and money on the dentist. But our professional cleanings and exams at Kalil & Kress are so professional; they should probably have an agent. What we do in these twice-yearly events is far beyond anything you can do at home.

In short, skipping twice-yearly exams and cleanings with the Kalil & Kress team may save you a few bucks today, but it will surely cost you thousands down the road.

Our professional cleanings and exams are critical parts of your oral hygiene regimen. Here’s what we do.

What is involved in the exam?

This is what Drs. Kalil and Kress are looking for when you come in twice each year.

  • Diagnostic dental x-rays— X-rays are crucial in detecting some hygiene issues: decay, possible tumors, cysts, and bone loss. We also use x-rays to check the position and alignment of each tooth.
  • Evaluation of your gums— This is the time we look for signs of periodontitis, gum disease.
  • Oral cancer screening— We check your gums, tissues, throat, tongue, lips, face, and neck for signs of oral cancer. See, Dr. Kalil doesn’t just pull on your tongue for fun.
  • Examination for decay— In addition to x-rays, Drs. Kalil and Kress use visual clues to check for the beginnings of decay on your teeth.
  • Examination of your dental restorations— We’ll check any prosthetics such as bridges or crowns, along with fillings, veneers, bonding, and the like.

How is the cleaning different than what I do at home?

While your home hygiene is crucial to a healthy mouth, it can’t match the power of our professional cleanings. These are called prophylaxis because we would like to use that word in Scrabble. That’s the clinical name. The reason we schedule these twice a year is simple — that’s how long it takes enough plaque to harden into tartar to create a situation that needs to be removed. If you leave tartar on your teeth to expand and creep under your gumline, that’s the start of gum disease. Here’s what we do in our cleanings:

  • Calculus (tartar) removal— Calculus in high school or college was a class many wish they could have removed. Calculus on your teeth needs removing, too. Calculus is the clinical name for the plaque that has hardened onto your teeth. Plaque is always on there, waiting for you to brush and floss it away every day. But over time some areas tend to form tartar, areas such as the inside of your front bottom teeth. You can’t remove tartar at home; we have to chip and break it off with our trusty dental picks.
  • Plaque removal— This sticky, invisible substance forms on your teeth all the time. Along with saliva, food debris and bacteria hang around in plaque. You remove it at home, but we remove every bit of it when we professionally clean.
  • Teeth are polishing— The gritty tooth-cleaning paste we apply with our spinning brushes polishes away any remaining plaque and the lighter stains on your enamel.

Now, do you see why we want to see you twice a year for this stuff? Call the team at Kalil & Kress, 603-880-7004, for your next appointment.