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What Not To Have For Lunch, According To Your Teeth!

oral hygiene methuen ma Kalil dental Considering the damage they can cause, there are some foods you eat all the time that really must hate your teeth — and your teeth hate them, too. So next time you’re about to eat any hater foods, think about lowering your chances of needing dental work instead, and don’t bite! Here are some foods you might be thinking about eating for lunch today, but you should avoid them if you want your teeth to feel loved:



The sugar in your favorite carbonated beverage causes tooth decay — but even if it’s diet, all soda contains an acid that can weaken tooth enamel.


Bottled water

During the water bottling purification process, water becomes more acidic, and therefore, more damaging to your teeth. Help the environment, save your teeth. Drink water out of the tap.


Potato chips

That gummy consistency that happens after you munch down the crunch means chip particles can get wedged between your teeth. And that’s where acid-producing bacteria forms, putting your teeth at risk for decay.


PB&J on white

The simple sugars in white bread quickly dissolve inside your mouth, creating the acid that can erode tooth enamel. And like potato chips, white bread gets gummy when chewed, so small particles can get trapped between your teeth. The high sugar content of both PB&J also causes the creation of enamel-eroding bacteria.


Tomato sauce

Tooth enamel can easily absorb the dark colors in foods, and that can cause staining. So red pasta sauce can be a real offender. But if that’s not bad enough, the acidity from tomatoes makes teeth more porous. If you can’t give up your tomato sauces, soups and salsas, drink plenty of water while you’re enjoying them.



The citrus in fruits is nutritious, but also packed with acids that can damage tooth enamel. Have a big glass of tap water along with your next grapefruit, orange tangerine or lemonade.


And more


So rinse your mouth after you eat acidic foods, brush and floss regularly, and make an appointment to see us today. In Windham, call: 603-434-0090; in Methuen call: 978-688-1895.