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When a Refresher is in Order

When a Refresher is in Order | Kalil Dental Associates | Methuen, MABad Breath

Halitosis, or chronic bad breath, is a problem that is more common than you may think. Unfortunately, it is also a problem that may take a while to become obvious to the person affected. If you have the tiniest suspicion that your breath may be taking a turn toward the dark side, there are steps you can take now to avoid bigger consequences.

Often, the culprit behind bad breath is hygiene. Most of us think we take good care of our teeth because we brush every day. This is not enough. Brushing is something to do with care, and for two full minutes, morning and night. Bad breath may come from bacteria in between teeth and on the back of the tongue. These areas must also be cleaned during daily oral care. Floss in between all teeth, and then use a tongue cleaner to scrape bacteria from that surface. If ramping up your hygiene does not resolve halitosis, there may be something else going on in your mouth.

Fixing the Problem

  • Do you wear dentures? It is possible that bacteria have accumulated on hidden surfaces. First, try soaking your fixtures in an appropriate antibacterial cleaner. Brush them with a soft-bristled brush and your denture cleaner (NO toothpaste!). Always clean dentures gently and over a soft surface, such as a towel, to avoid damage. Finally, see your dentist regularly for relining. When dentures do not fit well, there is a greater risk of bad breath, among other problems.
  • Do you have dry mouth? The soft tissues in the mouth need moisture. Saliva helps break down food for digestion, and it also dilutes residue and bacterial acidity that can lead to problems including tooth decay and bad breath. If sipping water frequently does not provide adequate moisture, talk with your dentist. Treatment for dry mouth can restore freshness and also reduce risk.
  • Do you have red, swollen gums? Redness and swelling are indicators of gum disease. One of the first symptoms of early gum disease, gingivitis, is bad breath. The sooner that care for an oral infection like gingivitis can be obtained, the lower the risk of long-term issues.

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