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When your Smile Needs More

Dental Implants Methuen, MATooth loss is a dental problem that dentists handle routinely. Adults of all ages, and even teens may lose a tooth due to a sporting injury or even to gum disease. As much as possible, we try to mitigate the risks of tooth loss with preventive dental checkups and cleanings. In some instances, though, it is necessary to discuss more extensive restoration. Full arch tooth replacement is not as common as it used to be, thank goodness; but when the need is presented to us, we know how to approach it for the best possible outcome.

What is Full Arch Replacement?

The upper and lower rows of teeth are referred to as arches. Some patients require rehabilitation of an arch due to the effects of gum disease or other serious conditions. Teeth are typically not “lost,” but removed in a precise extraction procedure. When this happens, it may be possible to immediately insert the small metal implant posts into place. These posts must remain covered by gum tissue for several months to fully integrate into the jawbone. However, during this time, chewing is facilitated with a comfortable, removable denture. Ultimately, full arch tooth replacement may involve approximately four dental implants and a final denture that rests on top.

Why Patients Choose Implant-Retained Full Arch Fixtures

The steepest consequence of losing an arch of natural teeth is that an inappropriate replacement can lead to speaking and chewing difficulties. The placement of implants is intended to prevent these problems. The final denture is affixed to the top portion of implant posts, which creates optimal stability. No slipping or falling out. No dentures were rubbing against the gums. Just good old-fashioned functionality just like you would expect from natural teeth.

Stability is the primary benefit to implant retention. Full arch treatment with implants also achieves objectives including:

  • Minimal disruption to gum and bone tissue.
  • Ongoing support for bone regeneration via stimulation that transfers through implant posts.
  • The permanent function is possible with good oral care to prevent periodontal disease.

Regardless of tooth loss or the reason for it, we all deserve to have something to smile about. To get help for your smile, call our Windham or Methuen office.