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Whiten Your Teeth When and Where You Want!

Teeth Whitening Methuen MA kalil dental Once you decide you want whiter teeth, it usually means you want them now. It probably took quite a few years for the effects of coffee or red wine – or getting older – to show up on your teeth. But once you start to notice, you’re ready for instant change.


Do you want a brighter and more youthful smile?

With so many teeth whitening options available over-the-counter, you might have already tried your own version of home whitening, with varied results. But patients come to us for professional whitening because we offer a procedure that gives you almost instant results, administered by our experienced, caring professionals.


Here’s how to get same-day results

We offer in-office whitening at Kalil Dental that can give you brilliantly white teeth in the shortest time possible. Here’s what you can expect:

  • We use peroxide gel and a special laser lamp that intensifies and speeds up the effect of the gel.
  • We protect your gums and lips to reduce any sensitivity or irritation.
  • In about an hour, you will see about a 6-8 shade improvement in your teeth.


Here’s how to maintain your bright smile

We can send you home with custom-made trays and professional strength whitening gel that you can use after your office treatment. Here’s what you do:

  • Coat the upper and lower trays with gel each day and wear them for the prescribed period of time.
  • Expect it to take a few weeks to show maximum results.
  • Repeat the treatment as needed to maintain your white teeth.


Your teeth will make you smile

After a few months of bright white teeth, you may forget what your teeth looked like before the procedures. Your dazzling smile will be your new normal, and you might find yourself noticing people who haven’t yet discovered the amazing results they can achieve with professional teeth whitening and follow-up home boosters.


Make a date for whiter teeth

You don’t have to give up your coffee, tea or red wine to have brighter smile. Simply call us today and make an appointment for teeth whitening.
In Windham: 603-434-0090; in Methuen: 978-688-1895.