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Wisdom Teeth: Not Something Your Child Should Pack for College

Family Dentistry Methuen MAThis time of year is exciting for many reasons. We’re on the cusp of summer vacation, which in itself is something to cheer about. This is also a massive time of change for many families. Teens that are graduating from high school have some big adventures ahead whether they are moving far from home to attend college or they are planning to begin their college-years close to home. In either situation, one of the primary matters on parents’ minds is how to help their child succeed. We have a suggestion that may come as a surprise: schedule wisdom teeth removal.

Sooner is Better than Later

The end of high-school can seem to be on your doorstep not long after those first weeks of 9th grade. These years of a teen’s life can go by in such a flash that there is hardly time to keep up with daily activities and tests and performances and friends, let alone to think about something as trivial as wisdom teeth! If you’ve found your teen’s high school years a blur, don’t worry, you still have time to set them up for their best college experience by handling the oral health matters that may otherwise sideline them temporarily.

Wisdom teeth are those third molars that don’t always grow in the way we’d expect teeth to. It is recommended that young adults have their wisdom teeth removed by age 25, if not long before then. We begin to monitor the growth of wisdom teeth in early adolescence so we can intervene as soon as necessary to prevent complications that could cause symptoms such as:

  • Tooth and jaw pain
  • Damage to surrounding teeth
  • Shifts in tooth alignment
  • Headaches
  • Earaches
  • Sinus pain

Wisdom teeth can become symptomatic when they become trapped beneath the gums. They can also cause uncomfortable symptoms if they only partially grow in. Partially erupted wisdom teeth are also a haven for food particles and bacteria that cause gum irritation and cavities.

The issues that originate with wisdom teeth are not something that a new college student needs on their plate. We can help your child avoid the unnecessary stress of dental pain by providing professional care now. Call our Methuen or Windham office for friendly care from our experienced team.